A Day At Beeghly Oaks

Early morning greeting from our smiling receptionist!

Time for the expert physical therapy services provided by caring competent staff in the special rehabilitation gym.

Self-expression is highly encouraged.

Visitors enjoy the positive relaxing atmosphere in one of our beautiful common areas.

Everyone looks forward to special visits from family! We help facilitate and capture these magical moments!

Meet our team of dedicated and compassionate profesionals

  • Attuned to our patients’ entire well being
  • Always willing to go the extra mile for the healing of the patient
  • Upbeat and optimistic attitude
  • Understand the healing power of a kind word, gentle touch and genuine smile
beeghly team

Alison Alvino Administrator, LNHA

We are thrilled to have Alison as our leader at Beeghly Oaks.
Alison is eminently qualified to work in long term care and has done so since 2002.

She has a Master’s Degree and in the past worked as a Home Health Care Administrator, Business Development Manager, Director of Human Resources and Medical Policy Coordinator for a Fiscal Intermediary.

Alison’s passion to find a cure for Alzheimer’s led to her involvement in the Wallk to End Alzheimer’s since 2009 and to become its chairperson since 2014.

Alison Alvino, Administrator, LNHA
Alison Alvino, Administrator, LNHA

John Kowacich, RN Director Of Nursing

A Registered Nurse since 2005, John brings eleven years of long term care and short term rehabilitation experience with him to Beeghly Oaks.

His dedication and welcoming personality make him a perfect fit for our Beeghly Family.

John Kowacich, RN, Directer of Nursing
John Kowacich, RN, Directer of Nursing

Carla Sadler Director of Rehabilitation

Carla has an Associates of Science degree Occupational Therapy Assisting and a diversified therapy background.

She has worked in multiple settings such as group homes, outpatient rehab centers and long term care centers.

Her previous experience as a home health coordinator contributes greatly to her work at Beeghly.

Carla enjoys spending time with her daughter on their farm training and competing with their horses and spoiling their dogs.

Carla Sadler, Director Of Rehabilitation
Carla Sadler, Director Of Rehabilitation

Emily Seinker Director of Admissions

As an LPN for 15 years, Emily Seinkner has gained a tremendous amount of clinical and administrative experience and advancement opportunities.

Coming from a large family and having a family of her own, caring has always been a priority of hers.

This carries over to her work at Beeghly as she says in her own words:
“Our long term residents become an extension of our own families. I am happy to help our community members in need of therapy and strengthening, and to be a part of such a wonderful family while ensuring a comforting, caring environment.”

Emily Seinkner, Director of Admissions
Emily Seinkner, Director of Admissions

Susann Valenti, RN Assistant Director Of Nursing

Susann has worked for the last 14 years in long-term care.

Her previous experience was in critical care for 13 years.
Her positions in long term care included: Restorative nurse, staff development nurse, assistant director of nursing, director of nursing.

Susann and her husband, Mark, reside in New Castle, Pennsylvania with their four wonderful children.

Susann Valenti, RN, Assistant Director Of Nursing
Susann Valenti, RN, Assistant Director Of Nursing

Dean Grapentine Asst. Rehab Director

Dean Grapentine has worked as a PTA for 25 years in the following areas: acute care, sub-acute care, home health, extended care, outpatient care.

This extended and varied experience enables him to relate to patients at all stages of the rehabilitation journey.

Deane heads the Arthritis Classes at Beeghly.

Dean Grapentine, Asst. Rehab Director
Dean Grapentine, Asst. Rehab Director

Nicole Bennett Director Of Social Work, LSW

Nicole has worked as a Licensed Social Worker for twenty years.

The majority of her career is in long term care as the Director of Social Services in several skilled nursing facilities.

Nicole has experience with Alzheimer’s patients, discharge planning, and case management.

She lives in Youngstown with her husband Brian of nineteen years and their teenage son Hayden.

Nicole Bennett, Director Of Social Work, LSW
Nicole Bennett, Director Of Social Work, LSW

Diana Gobely Clinical Liaison

Diana has been an LPN for 23 years.

For most of her career, Diana has served in the long-term care industry; however, for the the last 17 years, she has enjoyed serving as a clinical liaison.

As a clinical liaison, she has assisted area hospitals and patients with post-acute placement, and has navigated the transition between acute, subacute and long-term levels of care.

In her free time, Diana enjoys spending time with her husband, son, daughter and grandson.

Diana Gobely, Clinical Liaison
Diana Gobely, Clinical Liaison