“I came to Beeghly Oaks for Rehab in October of 2016; they helped me so much that I decided to live here. I could not live on my own, but improved so much that I am grateful to Beeghly Oaks and love living here. These people are so nice and helpful. They really care about me.” – C. Mayer

“I am so happy to be back at Beeghly Oaks. The social worker asked if I would go to another rehabilitation center and I told her no. I only want Beeghly. I feel like I am in 7th heaven when I entered the building. All of the staff are so professional; they actually look at me and listen to what I say. I really enjoyed meeting Todd and Dennis and I like the Walking School.” – Barbara S.

“I love working in long-term care and love being at Beeghly Oaks because of the residents; it is wonderful to be a part of their lives.” – M. Baumgardner, LPN

“Beeghly Oaks can be compared to a Five-Star Hotel; it is my oasis away from home. The food is excellent and I have gained ten pounds. I love the nurses, therapists and the concierge is superb. Kami, the social worker, has welcomed me with open arms. My recuperation is going great thanks to Dr. Taneja and the staff!”– R. Dubec

“I was so anxious and did not want to go to a rehab; I thought it would be an uneasy experience. Well, it was a great experience. I got to ride the bike again, I haven’t done that in years. The food was good and I loved the library of books. The grounds are also very beautiful. Activities were also nice. I will give Beeghly a 10/10. I needed to be here and now that I am stronger, I can go to my beautiful home!” – Josephine I.

“Everybody here, especially the therapy, nurses, and all the staff are amazing. I have been in a nursing home five times, and Beeghly has helped me the most. From not being able to walk and now three weeks later, I am able to move! I can walk and I am getting more stable. The food is also really good. I am looking forward to being able to go home.” – Frank M.

“Thanks to everyone that I have come in contact with and also to those I haven’t had direct contact with. I found most of you to have been friendly and nice as follows:

• Floor nurses RN’S, LPN’S, housekeepers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, Laundry, building and equipment maintenance, kitchen employees as I have written notes on my menu cards that ranged from a complaint to offering suggestions as well as compliments.

• As to the management, the supervisors and the staff hiring all the employees. I thank you for having speakers, special events such as Nursing Home Week, musical events, and many things for us to do. To all of you I say THANKS. I recommend Beeghly to everyone. To those who have listened to me, I have related to based on my work experience as a supervisor working in 6 different states, I feel I know how various employees compare. You all should be proud here at Beeghly Oaks and encourage your friends to choose to be employees or patients here.” -Bill Goldman

“I have been at Beeghly Oaks on three occasions. The first time was after back surgery in October of 2010 at the Cleveland Clinic for Spinal Stenosis. My daughter checked out rehab centers in the area and she like Beeghly Oaks the best. The second time was after my knee replacement in October of 2012, and the third time, I fell at home in October of 2016 and went to the hospital. The doctor recommended physical therapy. When Beeghly was contacted about my coming, the approval was very fast. The staff is friendly from the nurses to the janitorial staff. Everyone is caring and friendly. The Therapy is excellent. I would recommend Beeghly for your rehab stay.” -Verda B.

“I thank God I live here at Beeghly Oaks; I could not return to my apartment. The nurses take such good care of me. I appreciate all the hard work that goes into activities for us. The Tea Party we had with real china, finger sandwiches and petite desserts was the best. I so enjoy the music entertainment as well as the different church groups that come here. I enjoyed the Mass yesterday and Our Lady of Fatima Statue visiting us. If I have a problem, it is nice to always have someone I can turn to.” -Alberta O.

“To the entire staff at Beeghly Oaks,
Words cannot express the gratitude we feel for the excellent care our Father, Russell Anania, received during his stay. He is now home and getting stronger. No doubt, due to the kindness and care given to him. He still comments on how great he was treated. Please know how much you are all appreciated. Sincerly, Russell and Pauline Anania and Family.”

“I am very comfortable at Beeghly; everyone is so nice to me. The staff try very hard to get me moving and to help me. Sometimes Carol will even get me coffee. I would recommend Beeghly to my family and friends.” – Rick A.

“I have worked at Beeghly Oaks for 19 years as an aide, Sr. Aide, and now Scheduler. I have had my Grandmother, Step-Dad, and Uncle here. My Step Dad was here for Rehab and the other two live here. I love my job and feel blessed to be a part of Beeghly Oaks.” – D. Little, Staff Member

“I would like to share my experience at Beeghly Oaks Center for Rehabilitation and Healing. My Father has been at the facility since October 2016 after suffering a stroke with complications. From the moment we entered the facility, the staff was attentive and treated him with dignity. The entire staff is wonderful with him and our family. My Dad has been receiving physical, occupational, and speech therapy and has progressed very well under their care. I can’t begin to express my sincere gratitude for what the therapy department has achieved with him; he has made wonderful progress and I can’t thank them enough. The Social Worker and Therapy staff have gone above and beyond to help us with anything we ask. The entire staff of Beeghly Oaks is to be commended for their dedication to all of their patients.” – Anna K., daughter of Carl F., short term rehabilitation patient

“I do believe that CareRite is the first company that I have worked for that wants to truly enrich the lives of the people that live in their communities. I also believe they truly care about their employees and give back such as Weight Watcher and Plum Benefits. CareRite also gives to the Communities where our Communities are located and then some.” – Lisa S. (Liaison)

“I like to live at Beeghly Oaks because everyone is nice and they really like me. I also have the best roommate and we get along really good.” – Annie H.

“I am 100 years old and I need to get stronger so I am here. Everyone treats me nice. I always loved to dance and was so happy that Carol and I danced when we had Hot Chocolate. I could not just sit and listen, I had to dance.” – Salone Z.

“I came to Beeghly Oaks for Rehab because it was close to my home. The people here are really nice, respectful, and treat me right. Therapy is good; they push me just enough and the food is good.” – Dan M.

“Thank you all for your caring. You made my sister, Linnea’s stay with you a good one. She is at peace now and thank you so much for your loving care.” – Kathy W.

“I am so happy with the Therapy at Beeghly Oaks. My husband Carl is making great progress and it is due to the care and most of all therapy. Thank you all!” – Kitty F.

“Thank you for the care of my mother for the past two years. I am happy that she is cared for by the staff.” – Thomas W., Family Member

“Thank you so much for your loving and dedicated care of my Mother, Emily F. Our family will be forever grateful.” – Valerie C., Family member

“Thank you so much; we so appreciate the quality of life that you provided for Andrew over the last month. I could never tell you how much we appreciate what you did for my Dad. Love the staff and the relationship they had with my Dad. Love, The Johnson Family”

“I enjoy coming to work because I love the Residents. It makes me smile when I see them smile. I get great pleasure knowing I made a difference when I help them. Each Resident has a story and I am lucky to be able to learn from them.” – Dar S.

“I am so happy that I chose Beeghly because everyone is so nice; [they] all are helping me to get better so I can return home. Thank you all!” – Joe C.

“I have worked at Beeghly for 10 years and the Residents are a part of my family. I love to make them smile and make their day better. They always have stories to tell and are so interesting.” – J. Cook, Housekeeping

“I came to Beeghly because my Doctor said it was unsafe for me to live alone. I can tell you I am not alone anymore. I have very nice nurses and have met people that have become friends. I enjoy going to Bingo and to be a part of the different things we do here. Beeghly is a nice place and I am happy.”
– Theresa B.

“I have been here a short while (about 3 months) and absolutely adore the Residents who have become my family. I have so many co-workers that I have become friends with, Beeghly is a good place.” – Beth M.

“I have been with the Beeghly Oaks Family for 13 years. Beeghly is my second family. The Residents are my joy. They wake my heart and inspire me to press on and never give up in life. Beeghly is a Blessing… the care, the love, and commitment to the Residents is truly rewarding and I am happy to be a part of it and to witness it. God’s peace and strength be with CareRite. Peace and Love, K. Floyd”

“I miss being home with my family, but everyone is nice at Beeghly where I live. This week we made homemade Apple Butter and we all talked about what we did when we were young. It was so nice to enjoy the memories everyone shared while we had Toast with Apple Butter. Today we had Apple Butter Waffles. They were delicious and everyone who came to Beeghly could have one or two. This was fun having Cooking Corner with Carol, Maureen, and Obie. I can’t wait until All American Apple pie Ala Mode tomorrow and my Grandson Tyler, who is a veteran, is coming in for a pie.” – Linda G.

“I am enjoying my stay at Beeghly Oaks because there’s a lot of company for me with the other Residents. I especially love the walks we take on the beautiful grounds that are just amazing.” – Linda G.

“I love the awesome people that are here from the Residents to the staff. The environment is so friendly. I just love my job!” – Rachelle B.

“It is great at Beeghly Oaks! The Staff is great and the Rehab is first class; I am getting the care I need so I can transition to home. I want to compliment Nicole in Speech Therapy; she is wonderful!”
– Ed I.

“Everyone is wonderful; we love each other and get along. If you need something, all you need to do is ask. We are fortunate to have great activities and we get to do a lot of things.” – Theresa B.

“I am so excited to be here. The care, the friendliness, and compassion is really appreciated. I am here for Rehab and I cannot tell you how encouraging they are. They have really helped me and I love to hear the excitement in the building.Thank you!” – Carl M.

“I enjoy working at Beeghly because I love working with the Residents and my heart just gets into it. I love what I do and to see a Resident smile when they enjoy their meal.” – J. Loggins, Dietary Director

“I have been in the hospital and 4 rehabs before I came to Beeghly Oaks. When I broke my femur, my daughter chose Beeghly for my Rehab. I love it here and this is my favorite out of all the places I have been. Every Staff member is just wonderful and positive; they have good food and I enjoy playing cards with other Residents here.” – A. Wansack

“My Aunt is here and I need to tell you that we are very pleased with the care, the room…We love it at Beeghly Oaks.” – Rudy N., Family Member

“I live at Beeghly Oaks because there are good people who take care of me and give me everything I need. I am totally satisfied. My favorite thing at Beeghly is the people.” – F. Ham

“I just love what I do and I’m happy to be at Beeghly Oaks. Everyone is so happy and positive compared to other places I worked. I love the Residents…Thank you everyone!” – B. Magnore, LPN

“We have a compassionate and caring team! The main fact is CareRite is all about the Residents and getting the best service from Beeghly Oaks. My Staff at Beeghly is more family than co-workers.” – J. Gochneaur

“I have the prettiest room at Beeghly, I am so comfortable here. I love getting my hair done every Thursday. I feel so good and everyone treats me so nice. This is such a nice place to live.” – L. Finn

“I have enjoyed my stay at Beeghly again. I do recommend Beeghly to my friends and family because of the improvement I have made in walking; therapy is a 10. I have met so many nice people from the caregivers to Michael in housekeeping, and other Residents. The recreation that they have is really great. Everyone was wonderful but two people stick out and that is Phyllis and Jeremiah. How fortunate am I that Dr. Taneja took care of me and is my primary Doctor.” – J. White

“I have enjoyed my stay at Beeghly Oaks and they have helped me so much. I went to the Cleveland Clinic yesterday and they don’t want to see me for 2 years. That is exciting. I would recommend Beeghly because all the nurses and aides are wonderful, I have a beautiful room and the food is great. I did not attend Recreation but they did invite me to attend.The Concierge is so nice and it is fun to laugh and talk with Carol.” – D. Schulte

“I have worked here for over 25 years and it has been a pleasure to serve the Residents that have come and gone from here; to serve the ones that live here is a true gift. I feel like this is my home away from home and so rewarding to see our Residents happy.” – R. Carano

“I am here on a journey from St. Elizabeth’s to Beeghly, to my sons and then home. I am here to do my part. Everyone has been so welcoming. I love everyone in Rehab. They push me just so far and I want to do more.” – James N.

“I really liked being at Beeghly Oaks for Rehab. Everyone was so nice to me. I enjoyed the activities including Karaoke and Texas Hold’em. I met so many nice people that I have become friends with.” – W. Susa

“I have worked here for seventeen years and each year has made me fall in love with the Residents and Staff more. I love Beeghly so much that my Grandmother, Margie M., was here for ten years and very happy. Everyone is so caring…if you have a problem, the staff is on it. Everyone treats the Residents like Grandma and Grandpa.” – D. Little, staff

“This is a nice place and I have met a lot of people. I have been coming to Beeghly Oaks because I had my brother here twice and this is the second time for my Dad over the past two years; so as a repeat, I can tell you everyone has been really good for my Dad and Brother as well as for me. My Dad will be going home next week and I am definitely planning on visiting.” – B. Susa (Family Member)

“I really enjoyed my stay at Beeghly Oaks because the Therapy was really wonderful and the Food was good. Everyone made me feel like I was at home. I was reluctant to attend any activities, but they kept encouraging me and I felt more comfortable being here; it was nice to meet people and to socialize. I give Beeghly Oaks a 10!” – E. Frohman

“I was given a list of facilities to choose from; I chose Beeghly Oaks since it was close to my home. I can tell you the care has been great and the people that work here are so friendly.” – E. Hamman

“I am so happy that I came to Beeghly. Everyone helped me to get stronger and better so I could go home. I can’t say anymore or I will give start crying. I give Beeghly a 10 all the way.”
– J. Washington

“I love Beeghly Oaks. I love working here and being a part of a team that is amazing professionals who care to enhance the experience of life for all residents, family and staff. Things are exciting at Beeghly Oaks!” – M. McCarty

“I really enjoyed my stay at Beeghly Oaks because the Therapy Staff is great and the therapy is wonderful. I had a wonderful time at all of the Activities especially the GARDEN PARTY; I helped with cutting the tomatoes. I helped to make pillows and played Bingo. Everyone made me feel at home and I need to say the food was very good. The Concierge services were very good as well; it was nice to have a go to person. I plan on coming back to Beeghly to visit; I may even volunteer.” – D. Vincent

“I enjoyed the therapy at Beeghly Oaks; they were good to me. The nurses took good care of me. I enjoyed playing cards, and Bingo is a favorite of mine.” – C. Ramos

“I think Beeghly Oaks is awesome; Rehab is patient and teaches a lot. Everybody here is very encouraging and nice. Maureen is here for me and for everyone; she goes above and beyond including decorating my room.” – B. Arbogast

“I enjoyed my stay at Beeghly Oaks; everyone was so friendly and caring. I enjoyed Therapy, nursing was thorough, Activities was fun, and I like having a Concierge who was wonderful. The food was really good.” – D. Stevenson

“I love having the opportunity to making a difference for our Seniors. It is such a pleasure to work at Beeghly and to see all of the happy Residents we have. Don’t mind saying, We have a great team.”
– E. Seinkner (Admissions Director)

“I am going home and really feel sad; I am going to miss my Beeghly family so I am coming back. I love the fact that I will be able to come for outpatient therapy. Beeghly is awesome and so happy that I met Dennis and Todd and I am a part of the Walking School.” – B. Siman

“I have had a great stay at Beeghly! The care and therapy was great. I enjoyed getting my finger nails painted and the Activities; it was nice to have something to do and not have to stay in my room. I really loved Dr. Taneja; she was just wonderful. I like the Concierge program; it was great to have a go to person. It was nice to meet the team when I got here and to be able to discuss my goals and plans. Thank you!” – L. Jefferson

“I had a good stay at Beeghly Oaks. The Staff, people, and therapy was very positive; everyone made my stay comfortable. I feel you have good activities, very good concierge program, and the Admission meeting was equally good.” – T. Jones

“I enjoyed my stay at Beeghly Oaks because the aides and nurses were on the ball; the therapists were great; Beeghly has a great Rehab program. Everyone at Beeghly did their best to accommodate me. I had Dr. Taneja, Medical Director; she was wonderful and I just loved her. I like that they took time to have an Admission meeting; that was good. The go to person or Concierge was great; nice program.”
– C. Walker

“I enjoy working here; the residents and my co-workers are like family to me. I am grateful for the opportunity to make a difference to our Seniors.” – L. Davis, ADON

“I would definitely recommend Beeghly Oaks to all of my friends and family. I loved it here. I stayed 19 days and knew each day will be better than the day before. The Therapy is the absolute best. Dean and the others really care and strongly encourage. I love Dr. Taneja; she was wonderful and so caring. The Concierge program is top notch. You are wonderful Carol. The Care was great and EVERY staff person was terrific, friendly, helpful, and honestly, I was treated like family.”

“I really enjoyed my Mom’s stay at Beeghly Oaks Center for Rehabilitation and Healing. She so enjoyed the many people she met and gardening is one of her favorite things to do, so being able to work in the garden was very special. The therapists really engaged with my Mom on a personal level. They made her feel relaxed which gave her the ability to do more. Danielle, ST was like a daughter to her. I remember when Mom first came here and I was crying; You came in and comforted me and assured me that we would be okay.” – T. Cooper (family member)

“I love working at Beeghly; I work with an amazing staff who genuinely care about our Residents and families. I see that CareRite has a dream and a vision to change Long Term Care and bringing Dennis and Todd to our facilities is just one more way to making a difference for our Short Term skilled Residents. We make a Difference; and that is my goal.” – C. Zeigler (Concierge)

“I have really enjoyed my stay at Beeghly Oaks and would like a job here when I get released. I am an amputee and was pretty down when I arrived. I talked with Carol and Shannon and they told me I will be okay and that I just had to meet Dennis and Todd. Carol gave me a pamphlet on them and the Walking School and I could not wait to meet them. Well, I did and they are so motivating and the therapists at Beeghly are the VERY BEST and have really worked with me. I am proud to say that Carol and Shannon asked if I wanted to do an interview with Dennis and Todd on WFMJ Local TV station’s Kate Keller. I was nervous but reassured that I will do well. We did it and it was awesome to get such an important message of hope out to the community. Thank you my sweet special therapists.” – B. Siman

“I enjoyed my stay at Beeghly Oaks because the care and therapists were wonderful. I love the Concierge program; as soon as I heard Carol’s voice, I was happy because I knew her from my last stay here. I liked the Admission Care meeting; it was wonderful that they addressed all my concerns.” – F. Creaturo

“Everyone has been really nice from the moment we entered the building, and I knew I was in the right place. The Rehab was really good and I loved how the staff all showed positive attitudes. I would give Beeghly a 10 because I do not know if it could get any better.” – F. Kepics

“I had a good stay at Beeghly Oaks. The staff, people, and therapy was very positive; everyone made my stay comfortable. I feel you have good activities, a very good concierge program, and the Admissions meeting was equally good.” – T. Jones

“I enjoy coming to work because the staff goes out of their way to make sure that our Residents are happy and healthy and enjoy their days here.” – L. Ranshaw, LPN

“My wife’s stay here has been very good. There is consistency in her care. The Activities are great and encouraging to her as she meets other people.” – W. Jennings, Husband to Resident

“I give Beeghly Oaks a 10 and wish I had more time here, but I have met all my goals and have to leave. I am happy that I am going to continue my therapy at Beeghly as an out patient so I will be come back on Tuesdays and Thursdays for Therapy. You and Maureen treated me so nice, everyone was polite and I had good therapy.” – B. Morris

“I am happy to go home, but had a great stay at Beeghly Oaks. The staff is so sweet, therapy was great, and I very much enjoyed the Activities. I am definitely planning on coming back to visit so I can see everyone. Thank you all for caring and I love the Concierge program; it is nice to have a go to person.”
-M. Jewell

“This [national nursing home] week has been absolutely delightful. New and fresh things going on all week. The staff were all working together and it was fun to have so much interaction.” – W. Green

“This [national nursing home] week has been thrilling and happy. I especially liked the Open House where I could go to different booths; it felt like I was shopping. My favorite was getting Mary Kay lotion.” – L. Green

“The care and therapy was really good, but the friendliness and kindness of everyone exceeded all.” – E. Rooney

“I enjoyed my stay at Beeghly because everybody was nice to me, and with the Therapy I am probably 90% better. Dr. Ricciardi was a nice guy and it was nice because he knows my family doctor. I really liked the idea of the Concierge program; Carol was great.” – R. Linhart

“The first day I came in, I cried because I didn’t want to be away from home, but everyone was so friendly, very nice, and helped me. I enjoyed helping you make the Dirt Dessert, the Bible Study and being permitted to be a reader, and most of all, I enjoyed the Block Party with my friends I met here. I enjoyed the Activities and everyone doing things together. I will miss everyone.” – M. Berry

“I am so happy; because of Beeghly, they got me to walk again, Everyone was so good to me, and no matter what I asked for, I got it. B. Yeager and so many others made me feel comfortable; this was my home away from home. Activities was always good, and no one can beat you as the Concierge. I am happy to go home, but I will miss everyone. Thank you.” – J. Pearson

“I tried to single one person out, and my list got so song I decided to honor all the staff. Everyone was helpful and always polite and with a smile, too. I also want to include the therapists who worked hard to get me on my feet. Thanks to all!” – J. Rich

“Thank you CareRite for all that you do for us.” – C. Zeigler

“The Concierge Department makes Beeghly Oaks. This is my fourth time here at Beeghly and from the first time I was here, the Concierge always made me feel welcomed.” – C. Clemons

“I like working at Beeghly because of the Residents and my co-workers.” – L. Davis, Staff

“I found the experience at Beeghly Oaks to be great. The people were competent and professional. We were here for twenty days and my wife is in much better shape than when we came. Marilyn’s health improved and her spirit is back.” – T. and M. LaPaze, Patient and Husband

“I love being here. Everyone is so nice and I have a lot of friends. We do so many nice things here. The nurses always look out for me. Thank you everyone.” – B. Kozar

“I am on my second visit at Beeghly Oaks; the first time was due to having my leg amputated. I am so grateful for Dennis and Todd who conduct the Walking School Program because they are encouragers. Up and until I met them, I was feeling down and now I am looking forward. Thank you.” -M. Kramer

“I am happy that I chose Beeghly because I had to have my left leg below my knee amputated. I am so anxious to meet Dennis and Todd because they head the Walking School Program.” – B. Siman

“I have enjoyed the opportunity to work as a team to take care of our clientele. It’s a rewarding experience to know that I’m helping rehab people to get better and change their lives.” – R. Stefl, Staff

“Enjoyed my stay here because Therapy is really good and kind. They made it fun. The nursing staff was also very sweet and helped me whenever I needed something. I really liked the Doctor. I only went to several activities but they were a lot of fun.” – A. Beal

“I came here in a wheelchair, worked my way to a walker, and now I walk around this place like I own it. Last but not least I will walk out of here on Thursday, 3/10/16. Thanks to the best therapy team around. Thanks Dr. Ricciardi for telling me to come here for Rehab.” – D. Ivy

“Your Therapy is wonderful – you have the best therapy around and Danielle in Speech Therapy is great. Everybody has been wonderful.” – T. Bury (Family Member)

“I came here in a wheelchair, worked my way to a walker and now I walk around this place like I own it. Last but not least I will walk out of here on Thursday, 3/10/16. Thanks to the best therapy team around. Thanks Dr. Ricciardi for telling me to come here for Rehab.” – D. Ivy (Resident)

“Your Therapy is wonderful – you have the best therapy around and Danielle in Speech Therapy is great. Everybody has been wonderful.” – T. Bury (Family Member)

“I have enjoyed the opportunity to work as a team to take care of our clientele. It’s a rewarding experience to know that I’m helping rehab people to get better and change their lives.” – R. Stefl (Staff)

“Enjoyed my stay here because Therapy is really good and kind. They made it fun. The nursing staff was also very sweet and helped me whenever I needed something. I really liked the Doctor. I only went to several activities but they were a lot of fun.” – A. Beal

“I was asked why do I come to work, I am here for every resident and my co-workers; they give me the motivation to work and I love them.” – R. Carano (staff)

“I have been at Beeghly for about six weeks and now I am ready to go home. I will be fine and everyone has been so nice. The nurses were all so nice and the girls that delivered my lunch are wonderful; they go over and above to get me whatever I want.”- L. Ranalli

“I am the caregiver for Florence, and Florence loves it here. She loves the people. It is so sweet that Florence and other Residents refer to their rooms as their apartments. Florence will tell you that she lives on Oak Drive (the halls are not just called by hall numbers, they are personalized with a name) and they feel that they live in a real community. She enjoys the many Activities that are provided and the fact that there is a Beauty Shop for her to get her hair done is wonderful. The staff is so kind to her, and the Food is really good. As in a neighborhood, the Residents have bonded and check on each other.”
– J. Bolembach (caregiver)

“I am an LPN that is so fortunate because the Residents of Beeghly Oaks are amazing and my reason to come to work. I am fortunate to care for them and I love to hear the stories they share. Some will even sing and that is just a joyful sound.” – D. Sherwood (Staff)

“I enjoy coming to work at Beeghly because our Residents are so appreciative of what we do for them in Therapy; I get so much gratification for doing my job. I also love to hear the many stories that the Residents have to share. It is my pleasure.” – B. Orbitz, OT (Staff)

“I am going home and very happy, but when I was at Beeghly everyone treated me so very nice. The food was pretty fine and I really enjoyed the crafts in activities. I know everyone made me feel comfortable. Therapy was good, but I really don’t like to exercise.” – D. Barber

“I am here for Rehab and have made great progress. The staff is so helpful and are really concerned about me.” – T. Evans-Bilal

“I like to work here because of the Residents. I love the connection and everyone is willing to help, and it’s a friendly family atmosphere.” – S. Kay (Staff Member)

“I really enjoy working at Beeghly Oaks Center for Rehabilitation and Healing because it is different every day. I enjoy the Rehab Halls most of all and seeing the improvement of the Residents during their stay. I enjoy the staff and happy to be a part of a nice place.”
-K. Ayala (Staff Member)

“This is my first experience being in a Rehab and what I can see is the management is continually trying to make things better. I have had a good experience and everyone that comes in my room always comes in with a smile and good attitude. Thank you.”
-A. Bodamer

“The Staff is so personable and the Customer Service is fantastic. No matter what I ask for, it is delivered immediately, and I feel like I have made so many friends here. The Activities workers were helpful and kind. Deb and Kathy in therapy made me feel comfortable and I felt like we were a trio. I think you are super Carol and I remember the day I came here, you met me and made me feel so at home and introducing me to the other staff. It is nice to walk down the hall and you all recognize me and call me by name. Dr. Taneja is #1 with me. I absolutely adore her and she is my buddy. I almost feel bad about leaving, but anxious to return home and cook.”
-M. Tell

“I love the Residents. I have worked with Residents at different Nursing Homes for over 25 years. I have been at Beeghly for a little over two years and enjoy coming to work. I feel that the Residents teach me something new every day. I feel excited every day.”
-L. Hall (Staff)

“One of the main reasons I came here was because of the community involvement, teamwork, and interaction with the residents. Since I have been here for three months, I have found that we really do have a great team with lots of unique abilities. I am happy to be a part of Beeghly Oaks!”
-S. Blissenbaugh Director of Rehabilitation

“I am here for Rehab and I am so pleased with my choice. It is so fun here and I really enjoy Rehab. Everyone has been so wonderful. Thank you!”
-D. Jauregul

“I really enjoy working here; I enjoy the Residents and the Staff. It is my pleasure to care for our Residents.”
-L. Davis (ADON)

“At the hospital, the Social Worker gave us a list of facilities approved by our insurance. I saw Beeghly many times when I went to Akron’s Children Hospital and thought it looked like a great place, so we chose Beeghly. When we arrived, I was pleased that the room was pretty; big and so nicely decorated. He also had a private bathroom. I am pleased with the care and kindness of all.”
-R. Shipley (family member)

“I enjoyed my stay at Beeghly Oaks Center for Rehabilitation and Healing because the Physical Therapy was good, the care was really good and the Housekeepers did a great job. I cannot name one nurse that was the best because they all took good care of me. As far as the aides, they all were wonderful, but Phyllis was so attentive to me.”
-G. Marion

“I had a very positive experience at Beeghly Oaks Center for Rehabilitation and Healing because the people were friendly, I liked the Therapy, and the care was good. The Concierge program is good.”
-M. Ordak

“The physical therapists worked hard to help me and the friendliness of the workers who also treated me with respect. When I had a problem, they did their best to improve. Keep the positive attitudes.”
– S. Dow

“I enjoyed my stay at Beeghly because I always had good service and couldn’t ask for better Nurses and Aides. The Activities and the staff who decorate, the music in the gazebo, and the fun games along with the encouragement from all of you made my stay pleasurable. Activities was super great and the Concierge Service is good. The Admission Care Plan Meeting was fine and they covered everything.”
– P. Heid

“I enjoyed my stay at Beeghly Oaks Center for Rehabilitation and Healing because of the promptness of the Nurses and Aides, the good food, and the pleasant attitudes of all of the staff. I liked the Care Conference; it was perfect and everyone was pleasant.”
-C. Barbush

“I would recommend Beeghly Oaks Center for Rehabilitation and Healing because I was happy to have a private room on a skilled hall and Therapy began the next morning when I came in. I always got prompt attention with a smile, and one nurse B. Rauschenberg gave me her absolute attention. There were so many nice people, I cannot mention them all.”
– W. Bush

“After returning from a 3 month Maternity leave, I was overwhelmed with such a friendly and warm welcome from everyone. I love working at Beeghly Oaks Center for Rehabilitation and Healing as the Admissions director and bring our patients into such a caring environment.”
– E. Seinkner (Staff)

“I have been working here at Beeghly for almost a year; I love the Residents and the staff. Everyone working here is very helpful, friendly and all work as a team. Beeghly Oaks Center for Rehabilitation and Healing is a beautiful place to work.”
-S. Getz (Staff)

“I am happy to say that I had a positive experience at Beeghly Oaks Center for Rehabilitation and Healing because I had good care, therapy was great, the food was good, and everyone was so nice.”
-T. Markovich

“I am the Concierge at Beeghly Oaks Center for Rehabilitation and Healing and I love my job. I need to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming because every day I see the amazing elderly population that is so fun and it thrills me to see them happy. We have fun and most of all it is great to see them live each day happier than the day before. We at Beeghly say, We are better than yesterday but not as good as tomorrow. Thank you CareRite for giving us tomorrow to be together.”
-C. Zeigler (staff)

“The Nurses, STNA’S, and Therapy staff were so nice. Everyone was too nice to choose just one person. The food was very good and I thank everyone for my stay at Beeghly Oaks.”
-S.Wilson (Resident)

“When I am asked where I work, I am proud to say I am part of a team at Beeghly Oaks! It is very rewarding to create memories and bring smiles to the elderly population and their families in our Community.”
-M. Burton, Activity Director

“I would recommend Beeghly Oaks because they take wonderful care of you and the Therapy is great; they know what they are doing.”
-V. Wiery

“I would recommend Beeghly Oaks because I learned a lot of things in Therapy, the Nurses and Aides were really nice.”
– C. Woodbridge

“I enjoyed the activities and I’m happy to see the Summer Concerts enlightening for all the Patients and people from the Community. I enjoy walking into the building to see my son and being greeted by all of the staff.”
–L. Villio (Family Member)

“ Everything here at Beeghly was a positive experience for me. The Staff was excellent and very helpful. Rehab was a very positive experience. Carol is excellent in her position.”
–B. Opsitnik

“ I love Beeghly – there is a lot of love here, you offer services that other places don’t and when I lost my Mom you had a service for closure for me since I couldn’t attend the funeral. Beeghly has been the closest thing to home for me.”
– B. Walter